Standard road signs to enable a new 'intelligent' form of car to read signs and help cut deaths

November 25, 2013

Britain’s road signs could be replaced by warnings used in France and German as part of a plan to develop new technology to cut deaths on roads in Europe.

Traditional no entry and speed signs in Britain could be replaced by standard European signs which could be read by ‘intelligent’ cars that will be able to communicate directly with drivers.

The changes have been proposed to the European Commission and could also involve introducing standard road markings, which campaigners fear could cost taxpayers millions.

Some cars, such as Volvos and Fords, are already capable of reading road signs and the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) said that all EU countries will need to use the same signs for the system to work.

The RAC said the plan could create a new standard and EuroRAP said the scheme could reduce deaths on the roads.

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