Cash-strapped British motorists put economy ahead of every other factor for their next car purchase

September 22, 2013

Research by CAP Automotive has revealed economic aspects – including the cost of a tax disc – now trump every other car purchase consideration, including practicality, handling, performance and environmental impact.

Consumers were asked to rank the 16 most important aspects of their car ownership experience in order of priority.

The most important five were purchase price, fuel economy, running costs, overall total cost of ownership and service and maintenance costs.

Surprisingly, however, pride in being seen in the right car was ranked just 15th among reasons to choose a car.

Nick Flood, of CAP Automotive, said: “Even we were surprised at these findings because factors like practicality, handling, image and styling have historically been right at the top of the list of reasons for choosing a particular car. It is clear that things are changing in austerity Britain when families are putting practicality behind the cost of taxing the next car they plan to buy.”

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