IAM has claimed that 40% of drivers fail to concentrate consistently.

February 28, 2014

Institute of Advanced Motorists has claimed that forty percent of drivers fail to concentrate consistently. And it seems that youngsters are the most frequently distracted. As such, fifty percent of eighteen to twenty-three year old motorists have admitted “not concentrating” one-hundred percent of the time. This falls to forty-seven percent for those aged twenty-four to thirty-four. More experienced people, in contrast, are more likely to watch the road as only twenty-seven percent - of those aged sixty-five or over - fail to pay attention all the time. Furthermore, drivers in the capital are the most likely to be distracted (forty-seven percent). This is followed by: Yorkshire and Humberside (forty-six), South West (forty-six), Scotland (forty-six), East (forty-two), East Midlands (forty), North West (thirty-nine), South East (thirty-nine), West Midlands (thirty-seven), North East (thirty-four) and Wales (thirty-four). Common reasons for not concentrating - according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists survey - include day dreaming, stress, concentrating on arrival plans and considering friends and relationships.

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