A recent study by a leading tyre brand identifies some shocking statistics about UK car owners

May 02, 2014

Amongst the statistics showed that half of motorists stranded on the hard shoulder with a flat would not know how to replace it with a spare. Approximately 7000 breakdowns occur on UK roads daily and tyre problems are typically in the top 3 causes. Yet 1 in 6 of over 30's would rely upon their parents to sort the problem for them. One in three motorists aged 18-25 declared they never checked tyre pressures, or to see if they were within legal limits. More worryingly around a third of motorists rely upon the annual MOT to discover mechanical faults and reassure them their car is fit for use, ignoring the fact this does not highlight developing faults or provide any guarantee for the remainder of the year. Most surprising of all is that a whopping 20% of UK drivers don't know how to open the bonnet of their own vehicle, essential for the checking of levels and topping screen wash

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