Lane change collisions are on the increase, with distracted drivers most likely to blame.

October 24, 2014

Collisions in which a vehicle was struck or sideswiped by another moving increased by nearly 30% from 5.53% of all incidents in 2010 to 7.16% of incidents recorded in 2014. The increase in lane change errors could be linked to the rise of the smartphone and in-car connectivity. Using a mobile phone at the wheel slows reaction time by around 50% and quadruples the likelihood of having an accident, according to the Department of Transport’s THINK! road safety website. The statistic has emerged in spite of growth in crash avoidance technology. Toyota, VW, Mercedes, Volvo and Nissan are among the manufacturers to develop features such as autonomous braking and systems which detect drivers who are at risk of wandering into another lane.

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