Drivers lacking courtesy is the biggest irritation to drivers according to a new survey.

January 18, 2015

Leasing company website asked 1,500 drivers, ‘using a mobile phone while driving’ was second-highest. Driving too slowly in middle lanes, cyclists running red lights and tractors were also in the top five.

More obscure annoyances appear further down the list; these include baby on board signs, personalised number plates and people who turn right. The full ‘Top 20' were:
Lack of courtesy – people who don’t thank you
Using a mobile phone while driving
Driving too slowly in the middle or outside
Cyclists running red lights
Tractors that don’t pull over to let faster traffic past
Bad parking
Tailgating and driving too close
Throwing cigarette ends out of the window
People who don’t indicate
Loud music
Not moving up in a traffic jam, letting other cars in
Not dipping headlights at night
Seeing other drivers picking their nose
Drivers who block the road when an emergency vehicle is trying to get through
Motorbikes filtering through a traffic jam
Wheel spinning
Dirty or unreadable number plates
Spitting out of the window
People who keep changing lanes in traffic jams
Drivers who slow down to look at an accident’s Mark Hall said: “It’s very easy for us to suggest that drivers take a more relaxed attitude to their motoring when they’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for the best part of an hour but it’s something that road-users really have to take on board.”

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