Fireman freed a dog from a Vauxhall Corsa Engine after it gave chase to a cunning cat

February 26, 2015

The Bedlington Terrier was discovered when the dog owner’s neighbour opened the bonnet of his car.
Owner, 52-year-old Mike Tracey said: “We thought about using a jack to try and get him out but we were worried about something going wrong.
“I didn’t really want to call the fire brigade and be one of those ‘cat stuck in a tree kind of people’ but they turned up and were absolutely brilliant.”
A Plymouth crew from Crownhill fire station attended and helped free ‘Woody’ by removing one of the leads within the engine, to allow him to be pried out of the top.
The three-year-old dog was covered in oil but didn’t sustain any injuries.
Tracey added: “Even the firemen said ‘well, this is a new one’ when they turned up.
“I plan to go up to the station and say thank you to them because they didn’t take the mick at all and were really good about the whole thing.”

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