Survey reveals extent of 'aggressive overtaking' on our roads

May 19, 2015

More than 90 per cent of drivers say that have witnessed a risky overtaking manoeuvre according to a survey conducted by road safety charity, Brake and Direct Line. More than half of all fatal crashes in Britain take place on country roads. A study of country single-carriageway roads estimated that a 10 per cent increase in average speed would result in a 30 per cent increase in fatal and serious crashes. Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, said: “Overtaking on single carriageway country roads is a huge risk, and one that ultimately just isn’t worth it. Why risk it and rush? “We’re urging all drivers to avoid overtaking on country roads unless absolutely essential and 100% safe.” Dangerous overtaking is most common among young and male drivers, with 21 per cent of men and 39 per cent of 17-24 year olds admitting to doing so when they weren’t sure the road ahead was clear. Figures for speeding paint a similar picture, with almost half of male drivers and more than half of young drivers doing over 60mph on single carriageway country roads, compared with less than a third of women and two in five drivers overall. Rob Miles, director of motor at Direct Line, said: “People die on rural roads in the UK every day and many of these fatal crashes could be prevented. Our own data suggests that young drivers and their passengers are even more likely to be killed on this type of road.”

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