With rising motoring costs, getting your car serviced can fall down the list of priorities.

September 29, 2015

One in five car owners have skipped vehicle maintenance or repairs in the last year, according to a recent study. Research found that Londoners were most likely to skip servicing or maintenance (one in three) while the over 65s were least likely to ignore a service - 8 per cent compared with 40 percent of owners aged 18-24.
Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, says: “Running a car is expensive but it pays to keep it in good condition. If you’re able to nip problems in the bud, or even prevent them happening in the first place by getting your car serviced regularly, you’re likely to avoid heftier bills down the line. You’re also more likely to get your car through its MOT.
“But perhaps the biggest consideration is safety. Logic suggests a well-maintained car is going to be inherently safer than one with mechanical problems. A lot of routine maintenance can be done at little or no cost – keeping the tyres properly inflated and topping up oil, coolant and cleaning fluids. You also need to think about your car being legally fit for the road,” he continues.
Regular servicing can help maintain your car’s value, cars sold with a full service record tend to demand a higher price because buyers know the car has been well maintained.

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