Hundreds of parts discovered in warehouse

November 02, 2015

DeLoreans could come Back to the Future after 'time machine' parts found.
Hundreds of silver gull wing doors immortalized by Hollywood film discovered in warehouse (but 'flux capacitors' unlikely to be included)
The DeLorean's silver gull wing door design was immortalised by the 1985 Hollywood film starring Michael J Fox a few years after the collapse of the original manufacturing firm in Northern Ireland.
It has now emerged that around 1,000 doors still exist from the factory in Belfast and they are sitting in a warehouse in the US.
Even though the "flux capacitors" used to spirit the acting stars into the past are unlikely to be included, modern manufacturers said the vehicles enjoy an enduring appeal.
James Espey, vice-president of the DeLorean Motor Company, told Xcar website: "We own all the remaining stock of parts that came out of the factory in Belfast and that comprises most of our inventory.
"We do parts sales to shops and owners all around the world as well."
Mr Espey added: "There are about a thousand doors, so to speak, here in the building and the door of course being the most complicated part of the car to reproduce they are almost evenly matched in pairs left and right so about 500 cars would be the maximum."

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